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“This cafe promises me delicious smoothies and ice coffee as well as hot coffee and made with Starbucks newly brought cousin but no bitter sweet after taste, "Seattle's Best". ...Inside the new and clean place is nicely spaced out for a small cafe with plenty of cafe bistro chairs and tables to accommodate your notebook computers with their free wi-fi. Cool jazzy music plays on the ceiling speakers and in the case are sweet somethings to satisfy any sweet tooth. They can grill up some nice and not too expensive paninis and sandwiches, soups by the bowlful. Other things include salads and ice cream. Go ahead order up coffee tea or latte they are quick and hassle free. This is better than your typical Fivebucks Coffee."

Derryk A.

“If you're a fan of chocolate, then this is the place for you. They have chocolate drinks in the dark, milk, and white variety and I can vouch for the dark and milk versions... yum! They're on this new "Jewish-Style Deli" kick, their fare (including paninis, salads, etc.) is really quite excellent. Their espresso drinks are worth a visit too. Last, and certainly not least, the staff are so friendly I thought they were going to invite me over for Thanksgiving! This place is great to bring kids and they have live entertainment almost every weekend. I encourage you to try it out for yourself."

Tom T.



"This place started out a little shaky. I think it was just a series of growing pains though, as they settled into it. Lately, everything has been great. The breakfast sandwiches are very tasty, though slightly generic. They also serve handmade artisan Gelato. The gelato is extremely tasty, supposedly healthier than ice cream...their other fare is really quite excellent. They also have live entertainment a few nights a week. It seems like it could be a pretty cool spot, but I haven't been in for a band yet, personally."

Jb. B.

"I can't help but wish this place was a little closer to me. It's the perfect place to meet someone for coffee or perch for a few hours to do work."

Tara L.
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